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India Opening 2025

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india flag_edited_edited.jpg

Nu Skin has 48 markets that are open. The next market to open will be India.

This creates an incredible opportunity for those willing to work hard for the next 18-24 months.

The focus is on creating teams and customers within the Indian communities in open markets like the UK, US and Canada.

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Nu Skin is traded on the NYSE

Operating since 1984

Global Revenue $2 Billion

Open in 48 countries

Donated over 750 million meals to malnourished children


Nu Skin has over 600 products worldwide in the antiaging, skin care and wellness sector. Euromonitor has named them the best at home beauty device brand ahead of P&G and L'Oreal for the past 6 years due to having the most sales. 

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Social media has completely changed how our business is run. Today we are seeing people create success in 1-2 years what used to take 5-10 years. India will be a massive market due to the huge use of Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. 


Nu Skin will reward you for building a team that moves products on a monthly basis to happy customers. The next 18-24 months can be very rewarding long term if you build up the foundation to India opening. 


Historically those who build large teams 12-24 months ahead of a market opening in open Nu Skin markets tend to grab more market share when that country opens. Now is the time to be a pioneer and build up that foundation.
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