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These trainings are done by some of the best in the field. 

Sophie's top tips on selling over 100 Lumispa devices in 1 month🤩 


1. Be consistent! It takes 12 exposures of 1 product before the majority of people show interest. Post about it every day!

2. RESEARCH the Lumi and become passionate about it! (Nuskin website, PIPS, taking inspo from other leaders)

3. Videos of yourself talking or showing someone else using the Lumi are so powerful.

4. Show customer reviews & TAG customers to say thank you for their purchase (create FOMO) for onlookers

5. Be confident about the price. It’s worth every penny and more.

6. Overcome price objections by finding out their skin concerns and offering an alternative products with similar benefits like the mud mask or chemical peel.

7. UPSELL products to work alongside it like the PH balance toner and the insta glow tan.

8. ALWAYS expand your following to be exposing the products to new people every day.

9. Find people who love beauty products through beauty pages and give them a follow.

10. ALWAYS create a spreadsheet and follow up twice through the month with anyone who showed initial interest.

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