Success Interview with Top Earner Catherine Freeman

July 28, 2017

How do I know Catherine?

We met in our current business.  Catherine was actually on my third level but the two people in between quit and are therefore losing out on a lot. Lesson to learn: never quit if you have anyone in your team.


Catherine’s background:

Built up 3 beauty rooms 

Bought and ran a teethwhitening company helping people setup their own personal franchise within that business


Now: Full-time Network marketer


Negatives of being a business owner: 

  • exhausting

  • quite lonely

  • competitors


Joined network marketing because she always wanted the residual income. Had seen several people do well but had never come across anything that resonated with her.


Accomplishment:  Catherine has reached the top in her current company pay plan. She was able to not only retire her partner but get him to join her as they have so much fun building the business together. 


One of her greatest strengths is that she is an incredible trainer and great with people. Due to being dyslexic do not ask her to write you a book but she can talk forever. She has also been nominated as one of the funniest people ever! No idea who nominated her but I have to agree she can be quite funny. 


After eight years of working with Catherine she has now become an incredible friend. I want to publicly thank her for spreading her positive fairy dust wherever she goes and making my life better.


If you know Catherine please comment below what you like best about her. (The lack of comments is actually not a reflection of Catherine but more a reflection of the lack of my readers so please share this)




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