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How you can say goodbye to the

traditional corporate world and

hello to the laptop lifestyle


I graduated from university armed with a degree in engineering and all the unfair advantages that tall, white males enjoy in society.

I was coasting towards a cushy corporate career when a new opportunity arose.

Suddenly, the traditional career path began to look more like a life sentence than a secure life.

I didn’t want to spend years of my life in a soul-crushing office building.

I didn’t want to spend hours commuting each week.

I didn’t want someone else dictating when, and for how long, I could travel or be with my family.

I didn’t want to have to live somewhere because that’s where my job was. 

I didn’t want to only see my kids on the weekends.

I didn’t want to have to wait for someone to retire, move or die in order for me to be promoted!

The list goes on and on, but basically…

...I didn’t want to live a restricted life.

Your Challenge:

Find something fun to do, get paid doing it, and choose where you want to live. All while making a positive difference in the world. To get Daniel Norell's top tips for mindset just click this button and fill in your email. 

YES, I want more info 

on how I can do this!

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