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I feel incredibly grateful that I found network marketing when I did because it means that I no longer have to trade my time for money and can enjoy my life on my terms. My success with network marketing also means that I can focus on helping other people reach their own dreams. 


If you are taking a look at the network marketing industry and have not
decided to join yet then I think you’ll find tons of useful info here.


If you are in network marketing already and you need some tips on how to attain success in the field, then I hope this site will be a great resource for you. 

Danel Norell

Have you ever spent money on leads and they have not worked out?
Have you ever spoken to friends and family who have suddenly stopped talking to you?
Have you seen that several people on Facebook have unfriended you since you started your business?
Have you ever started working with your next superstar who was so keen and suddenly they never return your messages or calls?
Did you look at the compensation plan and think you would hit the top in a week?
Have you ever traveled quite far for a meeting and the other person never showed up?
Have you ever worked with someone for many years and suddenly they decide to quit?
Have you been in several network marketing companies and nothing seems to work?
Are you having an amazing experience but just want to get better and better?

Norell family

Due to my incredibly slow but steady journey through network marketing, I can help with all of the issues above. If you are already a superstar speedster heading straight for the top, you won’t have time to read someone’s about me page anyway.The truth is that very few can go fast but everyone can copy my slow motion journey as long as your mind is tough enough. I will share the ups and downs and how I dealt with those. Hopefully, I can also introduce you to some tips of the latest social media ways of building a business as well.

Why you should read my blog?

Of course you want to read about someone’s journey of how to move super slow….booooring!  The reason I think you should want to tap into my information is that I do not hold back. I believe that I can share all my secrets and tips as there is plenty of space for loads more people to have success. I come across many people who have the scarcity attitude and never share their top tips. I know that it still takes hard work even if you know what to do so I therefore share all that without worrying what team or company you are with.


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The only thing you should take into consideration is...should you listen to someone like me.  I am never going to be an expert in this industry as I know it changes every day.  However, I do have the luxury of having a large organisation that I learn from every single day. Most of these people are millennials that have a completely different way of thinking and move at a very fast pace.


I come from the mentality of working a job and working your way up to the top. This was all flipped upside down the moment I learned about network marketing. Now I believe anyone can have success in this industry as long as you pick the right company to partner with. 

I am also a family man with two crazy kids and a wife who runs a site about how you can easily make a difference in the world by changing one small thing a week.

Check it out at


I am also a bit of a health freak and love to stay in shape and eat delicious fresh food. These days I mainly hang out on our local beach or at our pool with the bubbas.


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