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This page is help you with your first 9 days of posts to sell more LumiSpas. This link will help you get the images and posts in messenger so you can more easily download and share them.  Link to messenger

Day 1:

Question: What bothers you about your skin?

Inserts Quiz or Question so people can comment themselves.

Examples: Dry skin, large pores, skin texture, scarring, dull  skin if using quiz choose issues that the lumi can help with. 

Create spreadsheet & make notes of everyones vote for future use on products/offers - this is your future customer list

Day 2:

Put up another poll

How do you cleanse your face?

Hand washing / Facewipe 


Post videos straight after:

Orange Peel - effects of hand washing 

Clarisonic vs Lumi - Hygeine issues

Comparison Video against other devices.

Add text in these videos to explain why bad for skin


Send out message to everyone that voted/answered your question from Day 1

“Hey name, thanks for voting on my poll. Just saw your biggest concern is skin texture, out of interest how do you cleanse at the moment? Not sure If you’ve seen my insta story but I have a new device that I’m working with which actually helps skin texture, would you be open to hearing more info, it’s the fastest selling beauty device in the world right now and everyone’s going crazy over it, the results are insane?”