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This page will help you with your first 9 days of posts to sell more LumiSpas. Majority of sales are made in the inbox and communicating with people. At the bottom I have added Sophie's top tips.

Day 1:

Question: What bothers you about your skin?

Inserts Quiz or Question so people can comment themselves.

Examples: Dry skin, large pores, skin texture, scarring, dull  skin if using quiz choose issues that the lumi can help with. 

Create spreadsheet & make notes of everyones vote for future use on products/offers - this is your future customer list

D1 example of questions.jpg
D1 Use this template.jpg

Day 2:

Put up another poll

How do you cleanse your face?

Hand washing / Facewipe  - one of the best things you can ever do is use face wipes to take off your makeup then use the lumispa afterwards and show people the amount of makeup that you normally go to sleep with.


Post videos straight after:

Orange Peel - effects of hand washing 

Clarisonic vs Lumi - Hygeine issues

Comparison Video against other devices.

Add text in these videos to explain why bad for skin


Send out message to everyone that voted/answered your question from Day 1

“Hey name, thanks for voting on my poll. Just saw your biggest concern is skin texture, out of interest how do you cleanse at the moment? Not sure If you’ve seen my insta story but I have a new device that I’m working with which actually helps skin texture, would you be open to hearing more info, it’s the fastest selling beauty device in the world right now and everyone’s going crazy over it, the results are insane?”

D2 Example of post.jpg
D2 use this template.jpg
Day 3

Day 3:

Did you follow up with everyone who engaged with your post from day 1? Today make sure you also message the people who responded to your story about how they cleansed their face yesterday.

Here is what you can message them....


Hey Jane just saw your vote on my poll regarding how you cleanse, do you mind me asking if you have anything about your skin that bothers you?


Then when they say it’s problematic blah blah you can say...


ah not sure if you’ve seen the video I posted today about hand washing and how it doesn’t actually give your pores a deep cleanse so this could be why you’re suffering, would you be open to more information on the Lumispa?



Then post the following videos...

Day 3 is also the day when you Explain the 7 skincare benefits - you need to be doing your own live and showcasing yourself taking the make up off with your lumi.

Using buzz words whilst talking and mentioning all the things it can help with (this then sparks peoples interest that voted on your quiz) planting seeds.

Buzz words:
Worlds fastest selling beauty device
Clinically proven 
Medical-grade Silicone
2 minutes
Easy and Quick
Worlds First
Award Winning
7 Benefits 
Anti Ageing

Day 4

Day 4! Today we will put some before and after pics and some science on our stories. Also create a poll asking if people have problematic skin.

D4 1.jpg
D4 2.jpg
D4 3.jpg
D4 4.jpg

Then put up the poll below make sure you create the poll as well so it's not just a picture of the answers

Day 4 7 Poll.jpeg

Day 5: Upload video of everyone using the lumi and then a few reviews

Day 5
D5 1.jpg
D5 2.jpg
D5 3.jpg
D5 4.jpg

Day 6:
Start reaching out to people 1-1 who are watching your videos and send the following:



Hey Jane, 
I’m sure you’ve probably seen my Insta Stories on the Lumispa, would you like more information on it? I’ve had so much interest and just wanted to reach out. I’m also doing a bit of research and would love to know what your biggest skin concern is?




Casually Lumi whilst talking about your day, something that you’re looking forward to. Don’t talk about the lumi during this video you are casually exposing the product whilst focusing on something else. 
👉Smart Marketing.

Day 6

Day 7
Hand results and 
Awards and Media coverage today!

Day 7
D7 1.jpeg
D7 2.jpeg
D7 3.jpeg
D7 4.jpeg
D7 6.jpeg
D7 7.jpeg
D7 8.jpeg
D7 9.jpeg
D7 10.jpeg
D7 11.jpeg
D7 12.jpeg

Done with day 7 make sure to keep up with your database of contacts of anyone who has interacted with your posts. The magic happens in the inbox.

Day 8:
Put up the poll below:

Day 8
D8 1.jpeg

Follow up with answers and organise for you to do a demo on IG Live or FB Live

Day 9:
👏👏👏Wohoo you have made it through the 9 days of posts and should hopefully be having some great success by now. If you have not sold any do not worry this is all about creating long term relationships and building trust. Make sure you are also using the other ways of selling lumis such as demonstrations. 

The key is to continuously use stories and polls to keep building your database. You also need to continuously build relationships.

A demo a day keeps the creditors away.

Today you can do some experiments with an egg or a permanent marker yourself. See the below videos for some inspiration of what you can do. You can also use wipes to wash your face then use the Lumi afterwards to show how much makeup is still left on your skin.

Day 9
Sophies Tips

Sophie's top tips on selling over 100 Lumispa devices in 1 month🤩 


1. Be consistent! It takes 12 exposures of 1 product before the majority of people show interest. Post about it every day!

2. RESEARCH the Lumi and become passionate about it! (Nuskin website, PIPS, taking inspo from other leaders)

3. Videos of yourself talking or showing someone else using the Lumi are so powerful.

4. Show customer reviews & TAG customers to say thank you for their purchase (create FOMO) for onlookers

5. Be confident about the price. It’s worth every penny and more.

6. Overcome price objections by finding out their skin concerns and offering an alternative products with similar benefits like the mud mask or chemical peel.

7. UPSELL products to work alongside it like the PH balance toner and the insta glow tan.

8. ALWAYS expand your following to be exposing the products to new people every day.

9. Find people who love beauty products through beauty pages and give them a follow.

10. ALWAYS create a spreadsheet and follow up twice through the month with anyone who showed initial interest.



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