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Top 10 Ways To Get A Growth Mindset

Top 10 Growth Mindset

Want to get better? If you are always learning, you will always be improving, and the compound effect of this is staggering. It's the same with working out. You don't see the results the next day - well, I always believe I do when flexing in the mirror. But, over time, you will see it. And, it’s the same in our business - you might not see a sudden change in income the next day or, in my case, the first year, but you will see the improvement over time.

As my background is from the corporate world, the one thing I always struggled with was being happy for others' success. I always had that scarcity mindset that there is only room for one boss. And I took this mindset with me when I started in network marketing. I used to actually feel angry when I watched people walking across the stage at network marketing events. I’d ask myself how the heck can they be there and not me?! However, once I started to understand that our industry has an abundance of places for people at the top then everything changed. There's room for everyone to succeed.

Growth Mindset Top 10

I can learn anything I want

When feeling frustrated I persevere

I am always looking for a new challenge

Failing means learning

If others succeed I am inspired

Attitude and effort determine everything

Love getting feedback as it gives opportunity to grow

Setbacks are wakeup calls to put in more effort next time

Effort is the path to mastery

Intelligence and talent can be developed

Fixed Mindset Top 10

I am either good at it or not

When frustrated I give up

I don't like being challenged

When I fail I am not good

If others succeed that means I am threatened

My abilities determine everything

Takes feedback very personal and gets defensive

Setbacks results in blaming others and being discouraged

Effort is worthless

Intelligence and talent is fixed

So what can you do to develop a growth mindset?

We can increase our neural growth by the actions we take, such as using good strategies, asking questions, practicing, and following good nutrition and sleep habits. If you change the following thoughts, you should see some great improvements.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

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