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The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

The fortune is in the follow up!

I was told this very early on in my career yet I never really understood it fully. If you do 100% understand this then you would follow up way more than you do.

Have you ever had someone join another team because you never followed up with them?

That is usually the best teacher ever. You just start asking yourself why did I not follow up with that person. The easy answer is because you do not have a follow up system in place.

I have actually had over 10 people who I first spoke to join my team with someone else at a later stage because I never followed up with them. If that has happened, can you imagine how many people I forgot to follow up with?

According to certain statistics…

44% of sales people give up after one "NO";

22% give up after two “NOs";

14% give up after three "NOs";

12% give up after four “NOs".

That tells you that 92% of sales people give up after four or less “NOs", and only 8% cent of sales people ask for the order a fifth time.

In your follow up system you need to make sure you find ways to follow up with good people at least five times.

When you consider that 80% of prospects say "no" four times before they say "yes", the conclusion is that 8% of sales people are getting 80% of the sales.

So what do we do now that we understand this? Well first of all come up with an amazing follow up system. Some people like to use google sheets and others like to use pen and paper while some spend hundreds on fancy CRM systems. I would definitely go with something digital and something you can access anywhere like Google Sheets. However, find what works for you.

A few ways to follow up:

Travel to a certain city for business - just go to Facebook and search for friends in Newcastle and you will be able to then write all your connections who are based there.

If a big leader is going to a certain area do the same as above as it is easier to follow up when something bigger is happening. Then you can also create urgency.

When there is a new product launch you can get back to all previous clients and distributors.

Birthdays - don’t just put a message on their wall. Instead send them a video of you singing and have fun with it. Fraser Brookes introduced me to a great app called Dubsmash so you just mime the song. I promise that will set you apart from everyone else.

Send them a card - these days that is very special.

Follow them on social media to find things you can comment on or send a private message showing you are following and that you care.

Send them something that they will find valuable. If you add value into their lives without asking them to buy or join your team they will respect that a lot.

Also go for NO - the stats say that they will say no at least 5 times before they say yes.

Have a spreadsheet where you record all the follow ups and start to see for yourself that it might take 6 or even 9 follow ups on average.

Challenge for you:

Follow up with at least three people every day if you are very part time and up to 30 people a day if you are doing this full time. Let me know what your averages are. How many times do you have to follow up on average before someone says yes.


Please let us know your thoughts by writing a few lines in the comments below.


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AUTHOR: Daniel Norell

Daniel Norell teaches people how to make money with Instagram and Facebook. He teaches ways in which you can grow your following by 50-250 followers per day and then monetize your following. If you love to have fun and work with like-minded people, then talk to this chatbot: or have a browse around the website:

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