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Finding Your WHY in Network Marketing

When I first started the leaders often said the why is 98% and the how is 2%. In today’s social media world I would not fully agree that it is so skewed. However, I do think the why is what is going to drive you daily. The challenge many might have is to even know what their why is.

I have also often heard the why should make you cry. But I don’t want to cry! I want to be super excited and happy about running after my why, haha! What is meant by that is that you can peel off layer after layer to get to the core reason of why you would put your heart and energy into building a business. This can often be very emotional and can bring you to tears.

I frequently find myself sharing my story and I get very choked up as my kids are everything to me. It has been a delight to drop them off for school and be there with them every evening. I know so many other parents that barely see their kids except weekends. That to me is worth this entire process of building a network marketing business.

Why do we need to have this powerful WHY?

In our business we are faced with challenges all the time. In the beginning it might be your loved one who thinks you are crazy for doing this business. That is challenge #1. However, you just ask them to support you even if they do not believe in it. Then challenge #2 comes up and that is your first 3 signups quit the business. Now you are wondering if this is going to be way too hard. Then challenge #3 comes along which is you making it all the way up to your first pay over £2000. However three months later when you have not sponsored any new people in and taken a big step back as you think you have made it you suddenly get a pay of £280. If you see the picture below you will see that on the top the why is not big enough so when challenge #3 comes along you will lose sight of your why. The challenge is bigger than your why.

However, in the bottom picture the why is big enough so it is possible to overcome the challenge. So my suggestion is to work on your why and really be crystal clear on why you are doing this. Make it so big that no challenge will stop you ever.

Here are a few of my WHY’s throughout the years.

  • Be able to leave full time employment.

  • Never to have to write a CV again.

  • To not worry about being at lunch for 5 minutes longer than I was supposed to as my boss will get angry.

  • To never have to think about staying 10 minutes later at work just to get to 6 pm so the other colleagues do not think I am a slacker.

  • To not have to ask permission for going to my mother’s 50th Birthday party and initially be denied time off work then.

  • To go to a restaurant and order what I want and not only what I can afford.

  • To take my wife to a nice restaurant without stressing all meal about it not being fancy enough.

  • To not be stuck in the corporate rat race never seeing my family.

  • To be there to drop my kids off for school.

  • To live by the beach anywhere I want.

  • To have a PT.

  • To travel with my family.

  • To visit family in the US and Sweden without worrying about the cost to get there.

  • To buy organic food in the store even if it costs more.

  • To spend a ton on health food and supplements because health is the most important thing.

  • To send my kids to the best school without worrying about the cost.

  • To inspire people.

  • To help others work towards their dreams.

  • To be passionate about what I do and have fun every day.

  • To be able to start a side business in basketball.

  • To just have the time and money to enjoy all the amazing things in life without being tied to a job.

Of course there are many more but if you write down all of your different reasons for doing this and read it out every day you will have a much bigger chance of succeeding.

Power Word

A power word is that word that instantly gets you in the zone. It should be a word that makes you focus exactly on what you want in life and makes you take the action to get it. If you are not feeling like talking to new people today about the opportunity then you should be able to say your power word and instantly get in the mood to talk to new people.


Go on FB Live and IG Live and share with everyone your WHY. Start with your background, what was wrong with it and how this opportunity and your why is something you are so excited about today!


Please let us know your thoughts by writing a few lines in the comments below.


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AUTHOR: Daniel Norell

Daniel Norell teaches people how to make money with Instagram and Facebook. He teaches ways in which you can grow your following by 50-250 followers per day and then monetize your following. If you love to have fun and work with like-minded people, then talk to this chatbot: or have a browse around the website:

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