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Vision and Certainty Are Keys To Your Success in Network Marketing

First step is to have the goal but then you need to create a vision. I clearly remember starting to imagine walking on stage after reaching the top. I would play certain songs that I would like to walk that stage to and even started to practice my speech. This visualisation helped me then create a very clear path. The only thing missing for me was the exact date. I would always set a date but I never got there fast enough. However, I had 100% certainty that I would one day achieve this. That certainty is what helped me paint the picture for other people and bring them on the journey.

  • Goal

  • Vision

  • Visualisation

  • Write out speech

  • 100% certainty

  • Certainty builds a stronger team faster

The other day I was speaking to someone in my team who has not had the fastest journey either. However, she is very clear on her vision now and it was great to read it out after she sent it to me. Share your vision with other people as it increases the chance to achieve it.

Once you have all this in place then the plan becomes simpler to map out. Let’s say your goal is to be financially free. This requires you to make £10,000 a month in income. To get there you need to build 12 teams. To build 12 teams you need to present to and follow up with 1,000 people. You are now looking for better quality people who share your values and you just go through those numbers.

  • Goal: £10,000 a month

  • Need 12 teams

  • Present to and follow up with 1,000 people

  • 900 will say no.

  • Just keep on going

No vision will create many distractions

The first few years my brother worked his business he had an incredible vision. I did not have the same vision and therefore would prioritise differently. He sacrificed to get there and would sometimes miss family gatherings etc to focus on his vision and accomplishing that. Now, he is the one who never misses a family gathering no matter where in the world and he brings his family as he has reached the top.

No vision:

– Discouraged easily – Watch videos justifying why your company or opportunity is not the best – You let other’s affect your work habits – You seek approval and acceptance and very often it is negative feedback

– You start to look for too many easy ways to get there

It took me a long time to have success because I had not fully committed. I would often look at what other companies were doing. I would be jealous of other distributors. There was too much time wasted on outside forces. When all I should have focused on was my actions to get to the top. How can I have a super organized system to get through these 1000 presentations and follow up to my best ability with all of them.

Have a very clear vision of where you are going. Make a plan. Have 100% certainty that you will get there. This energy will help propel you to have success so much faster.

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