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Reduce Sugar and Make Small Changes for Long Term Health

How can you improve your health in a span of one year? How can you make it even better than the previous one?

Well, it’s going to be one step at a time. It would be very difficult if you don’t give yourself time to adjust. For example, if you want to lose weight, what you can do is to sustain your normal diet and activities for a week and gradually change it. Do small things like cut off some sugar. Sugar and other white powdery or crystal things are mostly not good for your health. In my experience, it was kind of hard because while I was attempting to cut out sugar, I went to a family dinner and there were lots of Swedish buns and cookies. At first I really, really wanted to devour them but I started to think of my commitment on my health goals and how I’d feel like I hadn’t kept my word to myself if I ate all that sugary stuff, plus how bad I would physically feel afterwards. I decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Top 10 reasons why you should cut out sugar:

  1. Empty Calories

  2. Tooth Decay

  3. Overloads the Liver

  4. Raises Blood Sugar

  5. Linked to Cancer

  6. Can Be Highly Addictive

  7. Huge Link to Obesity

  8. Direct Link to Heart Disease

  9. Contributes to Diabetes

  10. Suppresses Immune System

Joining a gym is also a very good investment. Sometimes you just go in there and have some fun with the equipment or have some fun testing out new classes. So for those who wanted to lose weight, get out there and do a little exercise. Make some changes in your diet. Just take it slow and make it fun. Try to make yourself motivated for this year to achieve your goals. Try the little things that I’ve shared with you like cutting out sugar. I, personally, need to cut out sugar until June. Wish me luck! (I miserably failed on this one but since writing this article have been 99% better at following this.) My recommendation is to stick this image on your refrigerator.

4 Reasons to start with small changes:

1. Easy to Start

It always feels super easy if the sacrifice for a new habit is very small so you just start right away.

2. Less Resistance

I always find when I make huge changes it’s also easier to drop the new change.

3. Small = Builds Momentum

I feel that when I can check something off daily it starts to become almost addictive and creates momentum.

4. Small Becomes Big over Time

The compound effect is amazing in any new habit as long as you stay consistent and keep going every day. The long term result is shocking, especially after many months and even years.

In the comments below please let us know if you do better when you make small changes or go cold turkey? Let us know the one sugary thing you are going to cut out in the next few months.

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