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Why A Network Marketer Should Attend Every Event To Grow Their Business

Events are key in network marketing even as we have totally migrated to social media. Social media has made it so much easier to do this business as you do not have to show up to weekly events etc. However, larger events are still a massive factor in success especially in this social media driven world. An event in our business is not only the hotel meetings, the at home parties or the destination events for big conventions. Every time you go live on any of your social media counts as an event. Make sure you are very consistent in using social media and also go Live quite a lot to get your followers to know you better. It’s a really simple way to use the power of events from the comfort of your home.

However, this blog is going to focus on two to three day destination events and why they are crucial for your business long term. Your income is directly proportional to how many people you bring to events – especially destination events

In the past 12 years I have been to many destination events in the USA, Spain, France, Belgium and the UK. Usually once or twice a year we have a large destination event. My top people have always made their big decision at these major events. They have also been able to take more and more people with them and that is why I have seen my pay go up every single year since I started. You just have to make sure you go to the next big destination event and make sure you do not come alone. If you manage those two things over and over again you will usually go on to build a successful business. Get away from the day to day grind to focus on your dreams

One of the keys to these events is that they are about three days long. Usually we tend to still think about everyday life on day one. We keep thinking about the bills we need to pay, if our kids are ok with their grandparents, that last project at work and many other mundane everyday stresses. However, towards the end of day two or maybe even day three is when the magic happens. We forget about everyday life and start to dream again. We feel that if some bozo can be up on stage being successful then why not us! We suddenly begin to think that there is hope to leave our boring job and to be able to become location independent and one day move to the sunny beach we always dreamed of. It might just be one thing that someone presenting says that makes everything click for you or your guests. The one thing that stuck with me from a big event I attended 9 years ago was a figure shown on screen. It was someone in our company who had quit and the person they sponsored went on to build a big business. This figure was in excess of $24 million. This made me realise that as long as there is someone active under you then you can never ever quit as you never know what will happen. Every event usually has one or two aha moments. They are usually different from every person. I usually find that these aha moments come at a dinner with your team or another team. So the big takeaway here is to never miss an event and do not miss the social parts as that is where a lot of magic gets shared. Surrounding yourself with positive people with same goal

In our every day lives it is easy to surround yourself with negative Nancys. This usually pulls you down and sucks any ambition out of you. The big events in network marketing are great in that you surround yourself with people with similar goals to you. Everyone wants to improve their lives and usually are very positive about it. This makes you feel incredibly powerful and also makes you feel that you are not the lunatic which brings us to our next topic. Social proof – events let us see many others doing the business and having success

In our everyday lives we are the loonies doing network marketing. However, when you attend an event the only loonies are the ones not doing it. This is why it can be powerful to do meetings with your upline and a prospect. The prospect feels strange for not being a part of the team. At events we see person after person walk on that stage having success and they are not superman. Most put on their pants one leg at a time. When we get that validation we get a belief that we can also do this business. I always remember seeing these successful people and always saying to myself that they are no different from us. Positive peer pressure - as people walk on stage you want to be there

I am hugely competitive. This sometimes works against me. In our business it helps to motivate me daily to do better. The first decade of going to events and seeing people way more successful than me made me want to go back the following year and be recognised on stage. The peer pressure to join your friends up there becomes bigger and bigger the more events you go to. So keep going to events and keep putting on some pressure to be at the next pin title next time you go. Key is to attend all big events and to never, ever quit

If you go to every event year after year and always bring people then you will eventually figure it out. I am relatively slow at this business but have been fortunate enough to build my dream life. The biggest reason for that I believe is never giving up and always bringing more and more people to big events. Professionals do not accept excuses why people cannot attend an event

It is now your responsibility to help guide your team to attend the big events. Yes, it might be an investment. Yes, it might be difficult to get time off. Yes, your dog ate your passport. These are however very small excuses for you to build an incredible life. First, get some perspective on the situation and find out what all the excuses are. Listen to your business partner. Once they are done with their BS then use the feel, felt, found. I understand how you feel, I felt the same way when I first started and what I found was that if I was ever going to have success I would have to stop giving myself excuses why I could not go and instead find excuses why I had to be there. It might be too expensive to go to an event (around £300-£500) but it might cost you £30,000-£50,000 in lost commissions if you do not go and get the energy to find your next superstar. When a professional hears an excuse they will work with that person to get them to understand the importance of the event. Always look to help them solve their challenges. If it is too expensive then find others they can share an apartment with and they can cook themselves to save loads of money. It is not going to be possible to get every person to come with you to an event but if you can just help two or three more people go who normally would not then you can start a great trend in your team. Then next year four of you each help three more go and that is 12 people. You see where you can go with this.

Friendships are made at events

Events are the key to your business as this is where “leaders are born.” The reason we say that is that something just clicks when you are at a big event. It will not happen for everyone and each event is different. Some people will not get their aha moment until their 23rd big event. This is why you need to learn to master the art of promoting events. The events are also where many in your team will make friends and then be able to work together better. The glue to our business is the friendships and you want to focus on that even more in a digital world. Have fun promoting events and have even more fun at the events and you will see your business grow. Click here to watch one of our great events.

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