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Stay at Home Mum Earns Over $5 million with Her Business

Gudrun Kristjandottir wanted to do something while being an Icelnading expat in Luxembourg. Her background is as a teacher and all she wanted was to work around her kids. She came across network marketing and was on board right away. Her first goal was to buy a cordless phone. Fast forward a few years and she was able to retire her husband and went on to make millions. She is one of the top women network marketers in all of Europe!

Listen to her interview to find out some of her secrets.

One of the things I love about Gudrun is that she is a go getter. I have had the pleasure of working closer with her the past few years and she just gets things done. She is super open to learning and she is never afraid of change.

No wonder she has been so successful in this industry.

Check out her blog from her travels around the globe here.

Gudrun and Daniel enjoying the lifestyle
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