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Surround Yourself with People who Have These 8 Characteristics

Always surround yourself with success!

8 Characteristics of Successful People to be Around 1. Relentless workers 2. Positive attitudes 3. People who ask questions 4. Dreamers 5. Passionate 6. Skilled 7. Believe in you 8. Fun to be around

1. Relentless workers.

I am a workaholic! I will admit it right here that I find it incredibly hard to lay on the beach. I live right by the beach yet I do not think I have even laid down on a towel relaxing for more than 4 minutes total in the past year. I just like getting stuff done! Growing up I would always work super hard at any sports training and I would go home to perfect that sport. Having the passion for getting better and working hard is something that you can develop if you see it in your surroundings enough. Always look for people who just tend to get loads of things done as they are usually relentless workers.

2. Positive attitudes

When building a business you hear a lot of NO’s. It is so important to guard your attitude. If you surround yourself with positive then you will become a much more positive person as well. Positive people tend to laugh more and laughing is amazing for your health and well being. I always see the glass as totally full: half air, half water.

3. People who ask questions

What do you mean? Curious people tend to be happier which relates to the last point. Curious people are often better listeners and therefore create better relationships. If you are curious you will keep your brain engaged which is better for your health. You will have an easier time learning and the more you learn and use your brain the easier it is to pick up on new ideas that can help your business. I always ask if there is a better way to do things. In my network marketing business I am always curious to learn what the newest person is doing as they often teach me more than anyone else. So if you are brand new in our business please do message me your latest tips as I love learning. If you are not brand new in the business ask someone new to give you a tip and then send that to me.

4. Dreamers

We only live once. You can succumb to the easiest way of life or else push yourself to follow your dreams. I am so against playing the lottery in terms of your ability to win anything and it is just a waste of your money. However, I believe it is a way for us to dream big and wonder what we would do if we had $100 million. This can then be the catalyst to working harder and smarter in your business to achieve that money. It is often just as hard to acquire a small customer as it is to acquire a huge customer. Always surround yourself with people who have crazy ideas that can be life-changing and do not think that because something is the way it is today that it will always be so. Dream big and go for it!

5. Passionate

If you are going to do something make sure you are passionate about it. I have not always had massive passion for the action steps to build my business. Being super shy does not help when you need to speak to a lot of people. However, I was always very passionate about my big goals. That passion made it much easier for me to eat that frog (talk to a stranger!!)

If you surround yourself with people who are also passionate they are going to show you how to build up the energy in the right way. Our business is often a result of the energy we bring to the table. If you are going to do a Facebook Live make sure you do some exercise before to bring massive passion and energy as people want to be a part of that.

6. Skilled

Whenever we build a business we want to learn how to get better. Hang around people with more skills than you. Also ask them what made them so skilled in that area, in other words be curious in how you can be more skilled.

7. Do They Believe in You

If the people you are surrounding yourself with such as podcasts or authors of books you read then they will not know you so might have a difficulty with this one. However, if they are people you interact with then do they come out and tell you that they think you will be successful. If you are building a team make sure you believe in your people more than they believe in themselves.

8. Do You Like Them?

Do I actually need to explain this one?

For a quick summary of this please check out my FB Live I did on this.

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