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Money Doesn't Buy You Happiness But It Does Give You Choices

Have you ever thought, "If I just win the lottery then I would have it so good. If I had a million dollars life would be so easy." What about the phrase: money can’t make you happy. There was an article in Time magazine back in 2010 that discussed the findings of a Princeton study that proves that money actually does make you happier. At least up to $75,000 per year. Yes anything above this makes you feel like your life is going in the right direction but not necessarily much happier in the morning. However less than that amount you were definitely not as happy. Looking back at my time in banking and then struggling in the first 5-6 years in network marketing I fully agree with this study. When I was working in a bank making great money I was actually pretty happy. Stressed yes. Trapped yes. Happy and accomplished yes. Until I heard about another way. I heard about a business that could create a leveraged income where you could be location independent. That was when I realised I wanted that way more than my current life at the time. Letting go of that good life but having a bigger dream actually had me more worried at first. I did feel very stressed as I was not making enough money. The dream of making it big was there though and that fire kept me going and made me feel that I had a purpose every day. Fast forward a few years later to a time when my income was not great after I had been doing network marketing for five years. I actually went online to look for jobs that I could do to boost my income. I just felt completely sick for a few days even thinking about going back to work. It made me feel like a complete failure but the fire to succeed was far too big to give up just like that! I am proud that I kept going and did not go back to work and found a way to make a success of it. Just a few years later is when I had felt I had made it and that was pretty much at that $75,000 magic figure. Of course growing that income has created more options for our family. Have you ever booked transatlantic flights for 4 and thought... "oh that’s nothing". Kids are not free! Also when we get a hotel it’s now two rooms or an AirBnB. Having two parents who are economists and were always saving I developed a mindset that I had to save. This mindset I think has caused me more stress than anything. The moment when the money started flowing in that stress was suddenly gone. One of my goals was always to go to a restaurant and not think oh that item is £11.90 and I should not spend more than £8.90. It feels so good today to go to a restaurant and be able to choose a healthy dish and even an extra veg, side or salad with the meal. This might seem like a small goal to some of you but this has definitely made me a happier person. YASSS I MADE IT! I CAN FINALLY GET THE CARROTS! The other important factor in network marketing is the type of income you make, which will be saved for another blog as this is super important to understand. Leveraged income, or a passive income is worth way more than any book ever makes it out to be. My challenge to any of you reading this is to keep at it in your network marketing business and make sure you get to that magic $75,000 a year mark. This is about £5000/€5000 a month.

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