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What Do I Need To Do To Become a Great LEADER?

Martin Luther King quote on leadership

The first point to always remember is to serve. What is so cool about this is that you no not need any experience to start serving people. You do not need to wait until you have done a, b and c before you become a leader. You decide from day 1 that you are a leader.

Never wait until you have a large group. Be a leader as soon as you start!

Have a Vision

When I first started this I did have a pretty clear vision of the countries I wanted to have business in and who I wanted as part of my team. Of course things did not work out like that. But it is so important that you start with a clear vision as that is the only way to sell it to others to join you to accomplish that vision.

When I moved to the UK I knew I wanted to create a large international business. My main target was the Indian community as the company had said they had an interest to open there. Today, after ten years of having that vision I still do not have a team in the Indian community and India is still an unopened market. The side effect of that vision is that I do have a very international business. Still waiting for India to open though :).

Share Your Vision

Once you have a vision do not just keep it to yourself! Now is the time to go share it with as many people as possible. If they like you or your vision they will buy into it. Many people will think you are crazy but just accept that. Keep your big vision and fight through all the challenges you may encounter on the way to achieving that vision.

Lead By Example

If you have the vision and you are going out there sharing it, others will copy. You have to be the one that leads by example. Never tell your people to do something that you would not, or do not, do yourself. People will do what you do and not what you say. Actions always speak louder than words. This is where I would often walk the streets with a new person and actually walk into salons embarrassing myself. This also lead to some great new partners and I usually developed a much stronger bond with my partner in crime. It is also easier to get rejected in pairs than alone as you can laugh it off together.

Today we often recruit on social media. My suggestion is still to pair up with someone. Go to a cafe together and have fun recruiting on your phones or laptops in there. Also, be very consistent with your social media posting. Commit to three posts a day every day!

Public Speaking

In these times you can actually build a large business without ever speaking in public. However, you really need to start doing Facebook Lives or Instagram Lives. These are easy ways to get in front of hundreds if not thousands of people.

One part of leadership in network marketing is helping others grow. One of the best ways that I have always preached is get your team up on stage. Push them up there and get them to share in public. Usually, they survive and it will transform their confidence in a big way. Many times the people who were afraid of public speaking are the ones you cannot get to shut up anymore! If you are mainly using tech to grow your business then get on the live streams with your new people to share their story. You can also go live with a product demo. We often see that the ones who are willing to go Live and share their stories get a surge in recruits and start their momentum of growth.


This leads us to the topic of being able to communicate with others. I will admit it, I am not a great communicator at all times. My family know me as the mumbler and I very often just blurt out a few words that mean nothing to them instead of speaking in full sentences.

A conversation with Marie can often be me saying: the dinner yeah! She then looks at me as if I am insane. I then give her a confused look of why did you not understand that we are going to be going to eat at Las Mas Bonita at 6 pm.

Learning to communicate with others so they understand you is so important if you are going to be a great leader. Great communication can prepare your team for events and launches in a different way. You can also spread incredible energy with the right communication. If you share your story effectively with new people then they will often relate and want to be a part of your vision.

Take 100% responsibility

A great leader always takes 100% responsibility for their success or failure. Also equally important is that a leader takes 0% responsibility for their downline’s success; otherwise they would also have to take responsibility for their failure which happens way more than success. If it’s going to be then it’s up to me. In the same opportunity you always see some have success and others not. It’s therefore important that you take that responsibility as a leader and never blame other people. If you do you are pointing your finger at someone else and at the same time pointing three fingers at yourself. Test that out right now point at something! Now think of that next time you blame anything else.

There are tons of other things we can talk about for being an incredible leader such as being competent, confident, committed, coachable etc. The key to being a great leader is to always go back to serving others.

Winston Churchill quote on leadership


Your challenge this week is to stop blaming others and instead see how you can serve others. If you 100% believe your opportunity can serve someone else for the better then go and speak to 5 more people who you normally would not have spoken to.


Please let us know your thoughts by writing a few lines in the comments below.


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AUTHOR: Daniel Norell

Daniel Norell teaches people how to make money with Instagram and Facebook. He teaches ways in which you can grow your following by 50-250 followers per day. How can you then monetize your following. If you love to have fun and work with like-minded people then go through the right answers on this chatbot: or browse around the website:

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