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Ric Norell - Successful Network Marketer Interview

"Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights; the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard; the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations." —Peter Drucker

My brother, Ric Norell, has an amazing ability to develop leadership. I will forever be grateful for him introducing me to the network marketing industry. He has always been there to show the way by his actions more so than his words. He is a crazy workhorse who puts in more hours behind the scenes than anyone will ever know.

A few fun things for those of you who know him

"Stop checking your volumes - they will come if you go and speak to people."

"We need our people to be on stage, we can be at the back."

Ric traveled to many unopened markets many times as he had an incredible vision. Never tell the company that but he had some great leaders in these unopened markets. Sadly, most of these leaders have left as the markets were never able to open. However, I will always admire him for this vision to help people change their lives no matter the obstacles.

Ric slept on a fold out bed with a 3 cm thick mattress on half broken springs for a year in my living room while we were building up a foundation in the UK.

Rent he paid - £0; Fun we had - priceless.

Ric lives in Chiswick, London with Charlotte and their two kids Stella and William. They spend loads of time in Altea, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden.

Put aside a little bit of time to watch the interview below and learn from one of the best in the business.


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Daniel Norell teaches people how to make money with Instagram and Facebook. He teaches ways in which you can grow your following by 50-250 followers per day and then monetize your following. If you love to have fun and work with like-minded people, then talk to this chatbot: or have a browse around the website:

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