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Fun and Friendship in Network Marketing with Kristjan Kristjansson

Have you ever felt a bit stuck in your network marketing business?

Have you lost your motivation?

Do you sometimes feel like no one wants to join your team?

I have been there before and there is usually one easy solution to this - fun! All you have to do is figure out how to have fun almost all the time. This will make sure you have the right energy and people want to be a part of fun.

After 5 years I was stuck at a decent income but was not happy where my business was at. This is when one of my mentors Kristjan Krstjanson moved to the UK and got back into action. Kristjan was one of the first in all of Europe to reach the top of our compensation plan. He then took many years off to be with his family. Once I started to work with him on a daily basis I quickly jumped two pin titles and saw my business take off in a big way.

The fun changed my life. This was also at an important part of my life in that I had just proposed to Marie and I needed to make this work if I wanted to support a family. The small shift in my business of trying to be too mature and too corporate to instead just being me and having fun changed so much.

I will forever be grateful to Kristjan for his mentorship but more so in being a friend and just making every day fun. We do not agree on everything but we always move past that and have so much fun and laugh a lot.

Make sure you listen to this interview with Kristjan who has made millions in this industry.


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AUTHOR: Daniel Norell

Daniel Norell teaches people how to make money with Instagram and Facebook. He teaches ways in which you can grow your following by 50-250 followers per day and then monetize your following. If you love to have fun and work with like-minded people, then talk to this chatbot: or have a browse around the website:

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