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Mistakes in Network Marketing: Unrealistic Goals

Make sure you watch the video on the bottom to see my first ever printed goal sheet in my network marketing journey!

It is always great to hear about people’s success and then just copy that. However, I love hearing about mistakes in network marketing because you can learn so much from failures. Not that I wish to dwell on the negative but it can be quite fun to hear these stories too. For those basketball fans out there you know the Shaqin-a-fool clips of all the bloopers. Imagine a cocky athlete who starts a new business and then is told to do his goals and is also told this quote: "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." - Michelangelo What do you think he does? Yes absolutely right - he writes down goals that he has no business even thinking about. One of the biggest mistakes in network marketing!

What happens then? He fails miserably and feels like a little turd that some pet owner forgot to pick up. Then he expects himself to keep on going and building a business while his confidence in what he is doing has disappeared into space... another mistake in network marketing! Just to share a few of those goals: March 7, 2005 when I made these goals Deadline was the end of 2005 Earn $10,000 a month Contact 3 new people every day 100 Business presentations 10 presentations every month 3 presentations every week So now let’s tear these goals apart after more than a dozen years of experience with this. The $10,000 a month is actually not an unrealistic goal for someone who has a crazy following or who really knows this business inside out. However, for a young man who had never sold a single product in his life and was afraid to speak to people and no social media following this goal is highly unrealistic. We often overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what can be done in five years. The other common mistake in network marketing is with these is, if you only present to 10 people every month you are likely to only have 1 sign up per month. If you have one signup per month maybe you will get to $300-$500 a month in income by the end of the year if you are very very good at keeping everyone in the business. My favorite thing about looking at these goals has to be my goal of increasing the channels of prospecting and expanding my prospecting border??? Who says that? Just made me laugh. Make sure you watch the video below to see the original paper that I made back in 2005. What can we learn? Cocky young men have no clue! Ok... we already knew that one. What happens when you set yourself up for failure like this - you are only going to fall on your face and feel horrible when you don't reach those goals.

My suggestion is to set one big scary goal but then loads of simple goals that are much more achievable. Also, think a bit more long term with your goals and realize that most people who have had success have done the boring, monotonous tasks day in and day out for many years before they started seeing huge results. Ask someone who has done it for some advice on setting your goals. There will always be outliers who accomplish their goals at record speed. However, let that be a bonus if you are killing your goals then just increase them step by step. One of my mentors first goals was to buy a cordless phone (yes that goal is antique!!) She ended up making millions. Challenge for you Set 1 big goal and then 4 smaller goals that are much more achievable. Share these 5 goals with a few of your mentors!

Watch the video here!

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