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How Being Young can Benefit Your Journey in Network Marketing

I was 24 years old when I first heard about our opportunity. My brother was one of the younger ones at 22. At that time 90% of the people working in our company in Europe were at least 40 years or older. Today, I feel ancient being close to 40. Many of the most successful ones are in their 20’s. The big shift has of course been social media. A few advantages you have if starting early. -Less preconceived conceptions about the industry. -Understand social media better. -None of your friends believe in this work for someone else for 40 years BS. -You are not as afraid of rejection. -No family or responsibility that can slow you down. -Will have a few years to enjoy and travel before you start a family. I am currently reading a book which talks a lot about the 8th wonder of the world is compound interest. In there it talks about how incredible it can be if you start saving early and make interest on interest. This makes me think of our business. The earlier you start the crazier the results can be by the time you are 30 or 40. For any of you readers who are ancient like me reading this, do not worry if you started late. However, do focus on finding young people who just get this type of business and how social media works. As soon as they turn 18 they should be putting in 30 minutes a day. In that small amount of time, you learn so much more than any university would ever teach you. Starting a network marketing or MLM business can give you an education in sales, people skills, marketing, advertising, psychology, NLP, and builds up your confidence in a big way. The earlier you start the faster you can pick up these skills which can help you in any other profession you might choose if you do not want to do this full time. It is never too early to start mastering some of these skills. As soon as someone turns 18 they should definitely join a network marketing business that allows them to shine.

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